DING DAY 2018 will be Saturday June 9th. Holt Lodge Hotel again.
Double Rooms for Friday and Saturday nights will be available for £79.99 B&B or £69.99 for single occupancy.
Threads will go up soon but you can reserve the hotel now

Great Drives & Adventures

Post here your memorable drives and holiday routes so other members can know great places to go and good times to be had.
Please post a title for the route in the subject and support with descriptions in the text area, directions, maps, and any photos you think will show why you think it's a great route or holiday plan.
Forum rules
Posting here requires that you identify the route you have taken and any points along the routes you wish to call attention to, scenery, pubs, cafes, anything that shows people how to enjoy themselves.
Chit chat is not allowed, however if other members have updates regarding safety or variations to the route then you are encouraged to post them up.
As ever the club does not support competitive driving on the road, this is not the place for street racing or time trials, any posting will be reviewed and moderated as required should we see chit chat or behaviour likely to cause offense or breaches of road traffic laws.
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