DING DAY 2018 will be Saturday June 9th. Holt Lodge Hotel again.
Double Rooms for Friday and Saturday nights will be available for £79.99 B&B or £69.99 for single occupancy.
Threads will go up soon but you can reserve the hotel now

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on MR2 Roadster Owners Club. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Welcome.

    By posting on the forum you are agreeing to be bound by these rules.

    MR2ROC is ostensibly a motoring club with a particular affiliation with the MR2 Roadster and is run primarily for the benefit of its members. MR2ROC organises events and encourages members to arrange regional meets enabling MR2 Roadster enthusiasts to meet likeminded people. It is also, however, a place for online socialising. We do our best to strike a balance on the forums between having a laugh and avoiding offense. We like a laugh on MR2ROC, and while this can mean content that is 'close to the bone,' there are limits. Please think before you post. As a contributor to this forum, you are an ambassador for the club. Post with consideration for your potential audience.

    Please place appropriate warnings in thread titles if you believe the content is not suitable for all members - of course if you need to put a warning in the title then maybe you need to reconsider whether the post is suitable for MR2ROC. Moderators are charged with ensuring reasonable and appropriate behaviour is maintained.

    Illegal and inappropriate content will be removed.

    It is hard to fully define what is inappropriate as the context of a post is often the critical factor. There are generally accepted guidelines of good taste that we would ask you to respect.
    For example, aggressive attitude, harassment and bullying would be bad; friendly banter between friends should be OK.

    Private messages (PMs) are considered private between the author and the recipients and their contents should not be made public on the forum without consent from both parties.

    All we really ask is that you respect the decisions of the moderators if they decide to remove something. Of course if you constantly post content that is outside what is considered acceptable then you will probably find your posting rights removed temporarily or eventually permanently.

    Removing posting rights : this really only happens if you find and cross the limits of what is acceptable and annoy the moderators, committee, or general membership to a level at which our online life would be much better without you. It's not something we want to do. Play nice and it won't happen.

    Bringing the club into disrepute through this or any other public forum is not tolerated. Such breaches are considered very serious and may result in immediate expulsion. #
  2. Board Rules

    1. General

      1. By posting on the forums you commit yourself to posting within the spirit and rules of the forums. #
      2. Hateful or illegal content is not permitted. #
      3. Dual accounts are not permitted, unless first agreed with Committee. #
      4. You must have your name and valid e-mail address in your profile so a forum moderator or administrator can reach you. #
      5. It is required to have your location in your profile, it doesn’t have to be your house number and street, but your town is useful if people are going to offer help. #
    2. Avatars

      1. Avatar content should be tasteful. #
      2. Advertising images or advertising texts as an avatar are not permitted unless an affiliate or commercial agreement is in place and prior approval has been received from Committee. #
      3. Hateful or illegal images are not permitted. #
      4. All avatars must be no larger than 80 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. #
    3. Signatures

      1. Images are not permitted within signatures and text should be kept minimal to keep signatures from dominating a thread and interrupting other readers' enjoyment of it. To that end, moderators may request that any signature be changed. #
      2. Advertising banners or advertising texts as a signature are not permitted unless an affiliate agreement is in place and prior approval has been received from Committee. #
      3. Hateful or illegal text is not permitted. #
    4. Content

      1. Any material which is false, abusive, defamatory, inaccurate, hateful, harassing, or otherwise in violation of any law, is not permitted. #
      2. Any material that is specifically posted with the intention of bringing the reputation of MR2ROC into disrepute is not permitted. #
      3. Posting of copyrighted material unless you are the copyright owner or unless consent from the owner of the copyrighted material has been given is not permitted. #
      4. Spam, flooding, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations in any format are not permitted. #
      5. Unless an affiliate agreement is in place commercial advertisements in any format are not permitted. #
      6. Any content included in threads be it by link or other means that is deemed inappropriate by the forum moderators may be removed or edited at the discretion of a forum moderator. #
      7. Items for sale should only be posted to Private Sales. An entry in Private Sales must be for personal items only, and owned by the member advertising unless an affiliate agreement is in place. Any threads created in a forum specifically to promote items for sale in Private Sales are not permitted. A price must be stated for any item for sale, and linking to external advertisers or auction sites is not permitted. Private sales will be monitored by moderators, if members appear to be acting in a commercial activity rather than a personal sale of goods no longer wanted or needed the member will be challenged. If sales are proving to be of commercial status (goods bought by a member with the explicit intention of selling on to other members) then that sale will be deemed to be commercial and the member will be advised to advertise in the Commercial Sales section, with due agreement from Committee. Full sale rules are posted in the For Sale Rules topic within the Private Sales forum. #
      8. Posting in a Sales thread by a member not interested in the item is discouraged, and any posts unrelated to the item will be moderated. #
      9. No investment advice of any kind is allowed to be published on the forums. Posts requesting or offering specific investment advice are not permitted. #
      10. Without prior consent no party may add internet links to the site with the sole intention of diverting traffic to another internet site to the detriment of the club or for Commercial gain. Such links will be removed without warning and if repeatedly added the club will take action to restrict that person’s ability to do so. #
      11. Cars for sale should only be posted to Vehicles for Sale. An entry in Vehicles for Sale must be for personal use only, and owned by the member advertising unless an agreement with Committee is in place. Any threads created in a forum specifically to promote items for sale in Cars for Sale are not permitted. A price must be stated for any car for sale, and linking to external advertisers or auction sites is not permitted. Full sale rules are posted in the For Sale Rules topic within the Private Sales forum. #
      12. Personal grievances between members, between members and moderators, or members and Committee must not be posted or alluded to on the forum. If a member has a personal grievance or concern over other member’s conduct they should respond with a communication to the moderation team or the Committee. The airing of personal grievance on the public forums is damaging to the club in that it is off-putting for potential new members. They will receive the impression that the club is a closed and argumentative circle. Additionally, it is unpleasant for existing members who use the forums and online social element of the club. Inflammatory posting that is seen to exacerbate an existing situation will be considered to be damaging to the club. Action may be taken if deemed necessary, appropriate to the situation. #
      13. The language of the Forum is English, and to that end excessive use of abbreviations, text-talk, shouting (by posting in Capital Letters) or any other pseudo english style is not allowed. #
    5. Moderation

      1. At their discretion moderators will if necessary amend thread content, move threads to a more appropriate forum, lock threads or remove threads completely. Moderators may also issue short term suspensions at their discretion at any time. The moderators will endeavour to send a PM to the member to notify them if their post has been removed or substantively edited. A moderator’s decision should not be publicly challenged. #
      2. Should the moderation team find a member’s posts often qualifying for caution, the moderation team may decide to escalate the matter to the Committee who may choose to issue a suspension or ban on the basis of cumulative behaviour. #
      3. Anyone associated with hateful or illegal text or image content in any way will be liable to immediate suspension from posting.  #
      4. Suspensions will be reviewed by the committee and may result in a temporary ban. No member will receive more than 2 bans: any third will result in expulsion. Please note that some serious offences may result in immediate expulsion. #
    6. Terms and Conditions

      1. The Board Rules are issued in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Use (http://www.mr2roc.org/ClubTerms/TermsAndConditions.html) and as such they should be read in conjunction with each other. Overlap does occur but if there are any differences the Board Rules will take precedence. #
      2. These Board Rules may be altered at any time by the Committee, and members will be advised accordingly. At all times the latest published version will be that which applies. #
    7. Events

      1. Drivers and passengers of all cars attending any event organised by any members of the MR2 Roadster Owners Club or on the MR2 Roadster Owners Club website must agree to the following conditions and disclaimer of liability before signing up to an activity or attending any activity or event. #
      2. The driver or drivers must be insured for the vehicle they are driving or in charge of at any event or activity. #
      3. All vehicles must have a current MOT and a road fund license that is valid for 24 hours after the event or activity has finished. #
      4. All drivers of any vehicles attending any activities or events must hold a full UK driving license and must not be disqualified for any reason from driving. #
      5. All drivers and passengers attending any event or activity do so at their own risk and will not hold any member of the MR2 Roadster Owners Club or any organisers from the MR2 Roadster Owners Club responsible for any losses, damages or injury. #
      6. All drivers of any vehicles attending any events must abide by the Highway Code and not exceed any road speed limits. #
      7. The MR2 Roadster Owners Club will not be held responsible for any losses, damage or injuries whatsoever that may be connected to an event or activity that has been organised by any member or organiser of MR2 Roadster Owners Club. #
      8. By signing up to any event or posting a user name or an alias that relates to you personally you have agreed to abide by the above terms and conditions and will not hold the MR2 Roadster Owners Club responsible for any liabilities. #
      9. If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions you must not attend any event or activity organised by the MR2 Roadster Owners Club. #
      10. By setting out the above terms and conditions the MR2 Roadster Owners Club has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of people and property. #
    8. Privacy Policy

      1. Privacy Policy (http://www.mr2roc.org/ClubTerms/PrivacyPolicy.html) #
    9. Club Constitution

      1. Club Constitution (http://www.mr2roc.org/ClubTerms/ClubConstitution.html) #